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Here are a the guidelines for joining thegallengroup advisory platform:

  1. Professional qualifications: Advisors should have a relevant professional qualification, such as a degree or certification, in a field related to the services offered by the network.

  2. Industry experience: Advisors should have a certain level of industry experience, typically a minimum of 5 years, in a field related to the services offered by the network.

  3. Professional references: Advisors should provide professional references from previous clients or employers to verify their experience and qualifications.

  4. Background check: Advisors should undergo a background check to ensure they have a clean record and no history of unethical behavior.

  5. Professional development: Advisors should commit to ongoing professional development to stay current with industry trends and best practices.

  6. Code of conduct: Advisors should agree to adhere to a code of conduct that outlines ethical guidelines and standards of behavior for working with clients.

  7. Insurance: Advisors should have a professional liability insurance to protect themselves and their clients.

  8. Continual evaluation: Advisors should agree to regular evaluations of their performance, feedback and ratings from clients.

  9. Regular communication: Advisors should maintain regular communication with the platform's management team and provide feedback on their clients' progress.

  10. Exclusivity: Advisors should agree not to take on clients that are already being served by other advisors in the network, unless agreed upon by all parties.

By following these rules and guidelines, the network can ensure that it attracts and retains high-quality advisors who are committed to providing excellent service to clients

The Gallen Group
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